Louis Ingle

Committee Member

Kauri thumb

Louis is the FoHR secretary and lives adjacent to the Hunua Ranges. Here he shares with us his favourite aspects of this area.

"One of my favourtie spots in the Hunua Ranges (and the post popular place that visitors flock to) is the Hunua Falls - but for me just after heavy rain. 

Stand on the bridge crossing the stream and observe how high the water has risen up the bank and what has been washed away.  Also check what's been washed down the stream.  It is interesting to look at the falls to see where the water flows when there is an excess.  I don't usually take photos of the falls themselves at this time as I usually find the water is too brown. 

If I have more time I then go for a walk around the Massey Cossey Gorge loop track. The Massey track has an excellent stand of Kauri trees.  It is so relaxing to sit there and just observe their majestic size and height. 

Later in the walk there are some amazing views of the Cosseys Dam and reservoir.  When down at the dam you can also check the height of the water in the reservoir and try an estimate when the water last rushed over the spill way by the amount of grass growing on the inlet. 

Lastly just before reaching the Hunua Falls you will need to cross Cossey Creek.  This does not have a bridge and most people try to jump from stone to stone so they don't get their feet wet.  I never bother.  I just wade through the creek, after all it is only up to your ankles and it makes me feel like I have been on a hike in the wilderness of New Zealand."

You too can share your favourite places of the Hunua Ranges with us by dropping us a line.

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