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Willow has worked and played in the Hunua Ranges for many years and contributes to the conservation of this special place. Here he shares his connection with one of New Zealand's iconic trees that is currently under threat...
The Hunua Ranges must be one of my favourite sanctuaries. 
I spend quite a bit of time there as part of a volunteer pest control group while looking after all the Trigene Footwear Cleaning Stations. I'm always in awe of the mighty Kauri and there are quite a few pockets of excellent stands of them in the Hunuas, mostly in remote areas. 
With a pleasant walk via the Massey Track you can get right up close to some big specimens. It is like looking at the pillars of the Cathedral of Heaven! A boardwalk protects their roots from being trampled on. 
A walk through Waharau Regional Park leads you through a stand of young Kauri (Rickers) and at the Mangatangi Dam you can behold and marvel at the sheer size of the Kauri Forest there. 
Please note that the mighty Kauri is under threat from a miniscule fungus which interrupts the feeding system of the Kauri roots once it's established. Make sure you use the Trigene Footwear Cleaning Stations wherever you see them to disinfect any possible spore-carrying soil particles on your footwear. 
Enjoy the Hunua Ranges and revive your spirit for free!

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