Volunteer opportunites in the Hunua Ranges

Here is the latest list of volunteer opportunities in the Hunua Ranges.

Mountain bike trails - this is run via the Auckland Mountain Bike Club, click here.

Kokako - this is run via the Hunua Kokako Recovery Project

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Park:Task Description:Dates:Numbers required:Contact Person:
AmburyBeach clean-upAnytime4 - 60Janine        636 6118
AwhituTrack cuttingAnytime4 - 10John            09 235 1106
 Beach clean upAnytime4 - 2009 235 1106
Hunua WestMetalling stairs on Ernies trackAnytime6 - 20Nathan            292 4267
 Mountain bike track metallingAnytime6 - 20Scott            292 4267
 Challenge track metallingWhen dry 2 - 100Nathan 2924267
 Metalling Massey trackAny time2 - 10Scott  2924267
 Lower Mangatawhiri Valley track - upgrade for PTAMay-Feb2-10Scott    2924267
 Metalling Wairoa tracksWhile dry2 - 100Nathan            292 4267
 Hunua Habitat and Piggotts bait line regular groupsAny timeindividualScott  2924267
Hunua EastWhakatiwai - Rabbit proof fence workAnytime4 - 10Josh             09 232 2714
 Waharau red track upgrade for PTAMay - Sept4 - 2009 232 2714
 Waharau bait-lines - regular weekly groupAll yearindividuals09 232 2714
Omana/DuderShellbank clean-upAnytime6 - 40Mags       536 7012
 Nursery WeedingAnytime2 - 12Laura        536 6007
 Beach clean Anytime Mags   536 7012
Whakanewha (Waiheke)Weed control, this involves focusing on certain areas of the park and involves cutting or pulling out certain weed species and painting with a herbicide to prevent regrowth, tools required would be handsaws and gloves, we would provide the herbicide which is in a bottle and is simply painted on the stump of the weed.Anytime2 - 10Dan or Jonah:    372 5647
 Track benching and metalling, this involves digging and shovelling metal into wheelbarrows and transporting to location (sometimes quite a distance in the bush) tools required are wheelbarrows (we can provide three or four) and shovels and spades. Anytime4 - 20Dan or Jonah:    372 5647
 Gorse clearing and rubbish pick up in bush along Gordons road roadside, gloves and hi viz vests. We can provide bags for the rubbish and herbicide to treat the gorseAnytime2 - 20+Dan or Jonah:    372 5647
 Bait line clearing. Trim back vegetation with loppers, secateurs and handsaws. 1-3 volunteers.All year1 - 3Dan or Jonah:    372 5647
 Shellbank weeding. Pull out weeds and unwanted plants from shellbank to protect dotterel breeding areaAutumn & winter1 - 5Dan or Jonah:    372 5647
WaitawaMountain Bike Track metallingAnytime6 - 20Stan             292 2457
 Beach clean-up & Amenity garden weedingAnytime6 - 20292 2457

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