Auckland MTB Club

The Auckland Mountain Bike Club has had a close association with the Hunua Ranges since access was permitted back in the 1990's.

From coordinating over 10 trail working bees per year, to trail design, communications to riders and the running of exciting events, this has been a wonderful example of the community playing a part in the careful development of the Ranges' activities.

2013 club President Hayden 'Hunuaman' Russell is - like those before him - strongly dedicated to the Hunua Ranges. "Much of my first offroad riding was in the Hunua Ranges," Russell remembers, "and the fact that the trails weave through awesome regenerating native bush means that the work we do on them lives on well past trails created in commercial pine plantation land."

Hayden can be found in the Ranges most weekends, always keeping an eye on conditions and scoping out possible network extension opportunities: "At the moment there is only enough single track for a average rider to tick off in one visit.  So they tend to revisit only 2-3 times a year.  Given more riding options, this area has the potential to be world renowned - not just for the riding but for the fine model of community involvement to provide locals and visitor alike with a fantastic healthy recreational pursuit whilst being educated to the wonders of this region."

You can bet that with friends like Hayden, the Hunua Ranges has a great future!

The Hunua Ranges has hosted many an MTB event, including various Nationals (including the famous 2002 Freaky Styley Nationals) bringing in the best the world can offer.  And with the tight technical single track and fast downhill trails, riders are never disappointed.

You can find out more about the club and other Auckland riding opportunities at their website:

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