Hunua Kokako Recovery Project

One of the special projects that is happening in the Hunua Ranges is the Hunua Kōkako Recovery Project. Started in 1994, this is a project aiming to conserve the last remnant kokako population in the mainland Auckland regio

The best place to keep up with the project (other than news snippets which we will deliver to you!) is their Facebook page:

This page is designed as a place for people involved in the Hunua Kokako Management Area (the KMA) to discuss things, and for people wanting to become involved to learn more about the project.

Currently, volunteers are involved every tuesday and every second saturday of each month in distributing bait and checking traps within the 1050 hectare management area.

This area is home to 24 pairs of kokako, as well as a variety of other rare and interesting animals such as Hochstetter frogs, North Island robins, the northernmost mainland breeding population of bellbirds (korimako), kaka, wood pigeons (kereru), and long-tailed bats (pekapeka).

To become involved, contact for more information.

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